Estate Planning, Administration & Trusts

We help our clients- young, old, rich, or poor- plan for the inevitable, and we help administer decedents’ estates and trusts when there’s been a death. In planning, we work with our clients to foresee and avoid unintended consequences, unnecessary expenses, and problems with probate and administration. We can help you create guardian appointments for any minor children and special needs children in your life. We can create an honorary trust for your pets and their care, so you know they will be taken care of as you want.

It is a “will,” because it does what you would do if you were still alive to do it, but if you die without a proper will, then it is just a “would,” and it is too late. Even after death, though, we can sometimes find solutions to problems for the survivors. Instead of worrying about your questions, you should call us and make an appointment to get your answers.

Estate Planning can protect your assets, your business, and your loved ones, and as certainly as death is a part of life, it is important to take care of the business of dying. Your family should be protected, if anything suddenly happens to you. We can help you determine a plan, and we can help you make that plan come true.

We do more than just draft wills: we prepare trusts- including also revocable living trusts, durable general powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, advanced medical directives, living wills, and more. We perform asset reviews with our clients to try to avoid the sorts of issues that can arise at probate. Our mission is help you maintain control of your life and property- even after death. A small investment in time and fees can provide lifetimes of benefit and relief from worrying about these issues. Call today!
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