Employment Law and Litigation

We advise employers and employees with regard to claims arising in the workplace and employment issues. There is a right way to hire and to fire, and we advise employers about how to do it right. We represent employers and employees in claims of wrongful termination, EEOC, discriminatory practices, security clearance issues, and enforcement of non-compete and non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, and almost anything else you can think of. We also pursue claims for employers- and defend for employees- claims of breached employment agreements and other work restriction agreements. Don’t presume you can guess at these issues or represent yourself in court: it takes many years to get a law degree, and a lot more to be proficient in court. Is this an important matter you’re dealing with? If so, then stop messing around with it, and get the right answers: call us now!

State and Federal Litigation

We have 3 experienced and well-practiced attorneys who are comfortable, widely practiced, and proficient in court. Goldstein, Edgar & Regan’s extensive knowledge in all areas of law assures that we are equipped to represent you- either as a plaintiff or defendant. We leverage our knowledge, experience, and skills to ensure that you have a fighting chance in the legal system. From criminal defense to business law, contracts to custody, and personal injury to property management to debt collection, we do it all, and we do it in court when that is best for our clients.

Regardless of the basis of the litigation, our goal is always to deliver the best client services, and we take pride in addressing and resolving your issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. We understand that litigation can sometimes disrupt a client’s life, and we try to perform our services with compassion and caring. Our team will do everything we can to ensure that we handle your case and to take care of business. Stop worrying, and call!

Our comprehensive litigation list includes:

  • Debt Collection
  • Family Law
  • Defamation
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury

For more information about litigation, please contact Goldstein, Edgar & Reagan, Attorneys and Counselors at Law at 757-873-8773.