Real Estate

Singing Documents — Attorney in Newport News, VA
Mr. Goldstein has over 20 years’ experience dealing with every facet of real estate closings and litigation, contracts, disputes, negotiations, and title insurance issues. Emily Griffiths coordinates and works closely on all of our real estate matters, and she has 19 years’ experience closing loans and working with real estate transactions. We perform real estate settlements on a regular basis for buyers and sellers. We represent a number of real estate companies, brokers, real estate Agents, and Realtors, in providing real estate law and legal advice. We draft and prepare contracts for purchase and sale, prepare letters of intent, review offers, and engage in all areas of real estate – residential, church, or commercial – from contracting to post-closing matters.

We also engage in boundary line adjustments and disputes, partition litigation and breaking up heir property and co-owned property, subdivisions, title problems, levies, liens, Lis Pendens, injunctions, foreclosures, and pretty much anything you can think of regarding real estate. We often have clients who are attempting to buy or sell real estate, so we are often able to connect a willing seller to an interested purchaser, and vice versa. Please bring your real estate matters to us!