Criminal & Traffic Defense

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If you or a loved one is facing criminal or traffic charges, then Christopher P. Reagan is the right attorney for you. Mr. Reagan has over 20 years’ experience defending criminal prosecutions and traffic matters. He is in courts all over the Virginia Peninsula almost every day, and he usually appears in multiple jurisdictions in a day. Mr. Reagan is respected and well known by the Judges and the prosecutors, and he has a good working relationship with all of them. He knows when to push, and how to push, and where to push to provide the best defense available, and to achieve the best results. Chris has free initial consultations regarding criminal and traffic representation.

Mr. Reagan has handled matters as diverse as very minor misdemeanors, and first-degree murder. Every defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty, and defending clients is defending the entire system, and the checks and balances which make our legal system among the best in the world. Mr. Reagan cares very much about the law and ethical representation, and he find solutions for his clients within those bounds. Whether you have an arraignment, contested trials, jury trials, post-judgment motions, expungements, plea agreements, or any other matter in a criminal or traffic court, Mr. Reagan is an expert. Any defendant is well advised to retain Mr. Reagan to provide their defense.

If you think you have been falsely accused of a criminal act, you might need the services of a competent and professional criminal attorney at Goldstein, Edgar & Reagan, Attorneys and Counselors at Law to help you out. Call us today 757-873-8773.